The Inaugural Post, Hey there!

Dear Readers,

Thanks for following my site. I created this after running 2 other blogs, and one day I was struck (hard!) by an epiphany, why not combine 2 of my most passionate roles into one? Admittedly, I have had this thought before, about synthesizing Aikido and Parenting.

It finally dawned to me to set this up, talk about Aikido, being a Dad to 2 boys, and mixing these 2 subjects up a bit.

You see, there is a relationship between the 2, there are many times, I used what I learned in Aikido, in discharging my duty as a dad, and after becoming a dad more than 10 years ago, my Aikido understanding has shifted. There is many cross thinking between Aikido and parenting, as both relates to humans. It is not a ‘thing’ thing, you need close understanding of human nature to be able to relate to humans, and I learned them both as an Aikidoka and as a Parent.

So please read on and enjoy. Hopefully, as my readers, you can find nuggets of useful information and some shared experiences so as to improve you life.

This is a 2 way street and I do welcome open and constructive feedback and will reply your comments, if I’m not too swamped with stuffs to do.

Here are a few ground rules for use to begin

1- I do not post nor support racial, gender, and demographically discriminatory remarks.

2- I respect originality, my posts will be as original as possible, I do not plagarize. If I got it from a source I know, I will quote. If I cannot confirm my sources, I quote ‘Anonymous’. On the same note, if you would like to quote my work, please refer them back to my site. Let’s all try to be ethical about this, ok?

3- These comments and posts I put up are my opinion, and dear readers, you are entitled yours. Should your opinion and mine collide, please inform me, I may not agree with you, but I will respect your protest. If I agree with you, I will take corrective action, say ‘I’m wrong and I’m sorry about it.’ No hard feelings, okay?

4- This is a 2 way website. Let me know your thoughts, let’s get engaged, and learn from each other. I may not know everything, but I’m stick my neck out to share. So if you learned something from me, and you have a thing or 2 to teach me, please let me know. Comments and opinions are welcomed!



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