Which Cinema? (Ghost Story)

Which Cinema? (Ghost Story)

Dear boys,

We have a cinema multi-plex near our home in Punggol, and sometimes watching movies at cinemas during off peak has its virtues, you might have the feeling of having the whole cinema to yourself, enjoying a super wide screen, and superb sound system. Not to mention, that it is also cheaper!

During one of these days, we spoken to a Cinema Usher and chatted for a while since it is off peak, and the uncle was quite free. We told him the advantages and he did snickered a bit.

“You think the cinema is really empty?”

He said that sometimes, some of these cinemas, were build into a shopping centre’s basement, so there are some deep excavation works involved, and in the process of these digging, those spirits can be disturbed.

And with a spanking new, bring, often loud shopping centre taking over the space of those spirits disturbed, where can they go to seek solace? In the deep, dark, cool confines of a Cinema hall, which sometimes lacks that human traffic.

He claimed that his colleagues do have some of these encounters sometimes. Especially when the show has ended and everyone has left, the ushers have to go in and clean up the rubbish the patrons left behind. And being in a theater with the same door being the entrance and exit, the ushers will know who is still in the theater and ‘who’ is not.

Sometimes, the usher caught from the corner of their eye, a couple of ‘people’ in their seats, when the theater was supposed to be empty, with only one way out, those people would have to pass by the ushers on their way out, but when the ushers looked up the people are no longer there. It is as if they vanished.

Sometimes, their trash bag will also tip over for no reasons, and they get bumped, by an unseen shoulder.

The usher uncle also told us, that if you happen to be in a cinema, with a privilege of being totally ‘alone’, he advised us to put our bags, next to the empty seat next to ours, to keep it ‘occupied’, in the event that it is not.

Oh, we did ask him which cinema is the one which is the dirtiest? He told us it was hall….

Another Ghost Story! The Pedestrian

Another Ghost Story! The Pedestrian

Dear Boys,

Here is another ghost story that your dad’s friend told him some time ago. It appears to be a true story as it is personally told to me by my friend, Sam.

He was serving his in-camp training, and when he got a nights off, he went out for a drink with his friend, who had a motorcycle. On their way back to camp after their drink, while riding down this road, back to camp; Sam as the pillion rider, told his friend over his shoulder to look out for the lady in front.

His friend tilted his head back, and gave him a weird look, but said nothing, and continue the journey until they were safely back in camp.

It was only then his friend asked him ‘What lady?!’

Sam said there was a lady crossing the road ahead just now, and he told his friend to slow down and be careful.

His friend said that there was no one on the road.

Sam came to the realisation…

And fell sick with fever for the next 2 weeks.

He told me he was quite shock as he could clearly see the lady crossing the road; and he was having a few light drinks with his friend, he justified, nothing too much to impair his sense. He claim that he can hold his alcohol. (This I believed him as he is a known drinker, he stocks his fridge at home with beer.) He also said that he meant well, and came with a good intent, so that his friend notice the ‘pedestrian’ and not knock her down.

Anyway, this is a REAL story, told to me by your dad’s friend, the thing about it which I do not understand, is many times when you listen to a ghost story, many of these human ‘victims’ of such sightings will typically succumb to a long bout of ailment, as with the case of Sam, he was ill for about 2 weeks. which makes me wonder if there is any truths to such myth, and of course there’s no way for us to find out!

(Speaking of myths, do look out for my next post, boys, where I will list a few parenting myths and taboos my friends shared with me, some of which are quite original!)

My other ghost story:


First published: Dec 15, 2015 @ 00:00