Experiments and Experiences

Experiments and Experiences

Dear Boys,

Knowledge is gained though experiments, Life is live through experiences, never mix that 2 up.

So what is the difference? When you learn something, study a book, or subject, you will use your mental faculty, your brain,  you will do mental experiments first, and sometimes, real, actual experiments. From the experiments, you will gain experience. And having experience will help you in future experiments.

But while you experiment, do not forget that, the experiment in itself is also an experience. Life is always experiential, and the experiments we do is part of life. Our experiences gained in experiments feed back directly to our lives.

So don’t confuse what you know, with what you know about life. There is no such thing as an experimental life, everyone live their lives in full fidelity, there are no ‘controlled group’ for life ‘experiment’.  Life is a full on, in-your-face experience, and no 2 experiences is the same, whereas for Experiments, you can attempt to create and repeat an experiments with similar results, but life is never the same thing twice. With enough experiments under your belt, you will realize that you have become a Subject Matter Expert, that means that you have more experiments in your Subject Matter than experiences, and you are not converting your experiments into life experiences. In every subject ever conceived by Man, there is an Expert. but in life, there are no experts, everyone is an expert and novice at the same time.

So it is perfectly fine if you are an expert in one field, but please do not confuse that with your life in a larger picture, for your experiments does not equates life, life is experiences, made up of a collective amounts of experiments put together.

Posted October 27, 2013