The Effervescent Funny Story

The Effervescent Funny Story

Dear boys.

Here’s a funny story from a while back.

It happened in an NTUC Fairprice supermarket in White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris, your dad went in a casually bought a stick of what he thought was sweets. Well it was colourful and look like of of those pastilles type of candy.


It was not meant to be.

Once I’ve paid, opened the bottle cap and popped one into my mouth, immediately it started foaming. In. My. Mouth.

I was like…. !!!

I panicked but didn’t know what to do….

So I rushed back into the supermarket….

Bought a bottle of water and…

I wanted to wash the damn bubbling, sizzling gaseous things down my throat.

Can’t remember how I looked to the cashier but I’m sure I didn’t say a thing…

Opened the bottle water…kinda frantically, and drank…

Water + Effervescent = 😦

Of course, what would you expect?! It got more bubbling, sizzling gaseous which caused more panic!

Eventually, somehow I managed to wash the tablet down…


It got stuck in my throat…

all this time still bubbling, sizzling gaseous and CHOKING

which made me panic even more

and of course, I douse more water… the natural thing to do right?

Eventually the tablet went down and I could breath a sigh of relief; literally.

You know what your dad should have done to solve the problem?