My very first aikido demo


This is the photograph of my first Aikido demonstration. We were lucky we managed to get a group shot.

Guess which one is me? One of them was my elder brother.

Obviously, none of these folks in the photograph practices anymore, except me. This demonstration was done when we were a couple of months(?) into our Aikido and we were tasked to do a demo at Ngee Ann City’s fountain area, I forgot what the event was for, but we did the basic stuffs, like rolls and other things, which I am very sure Tenkan is one of them.

After the demo, we went around giving out some pamphlets, and I vividly remember a guys asking me: “What if someone kicks you?”

At that time my instinctive response was “Block.”

Never would I have guessed that I’d still be in this after all these years.


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