The 5 year plan

5 year

Dear Boys,

Your dad is an unromantic, despite of being a Piscean. It was your mum who said she liked me first, which of course, gave me the definite signal that, we can be together. I was a little insecure, and well, despite of all the signals I gave, the interest in her, I can never be sure if she is attached or not. Well, she said she liked me, and that is certainly a definite that she hadn’t have a beau, until I came along!

Anyway, of course we dated, and found our own idiosyncrasies, we have to live with each other’s opinions and try to see the murky future together.

5 year plan

It is unfortunate that I didn’t keep the hand written plan, which I wrote on a big piece of paper, it has grids on it, and the years, further broken down into months. I remembered, one of our favorite haunts was the Burger King at Amara Hotel, we can hang out there, study (usually me) and she will just sit with me. So one evening we went there, and I showed her the plan.

I cannot remember the exactly timeline, but it ran for 5 years. Within that 5 years, a lot of things is going to happen. marriage was on the menu, your uncle, my Brother-in-Law to be, will be enlisted and when he will be out. When we plan to get married, apply for our flat, which will available within the 5 year plan.

The bottom-line is,  I told my then-girlfriend, that this relationship will end up with something, us getting hitched. There is a certainty with me and I am literally not fooling around. And as a dare, if she is fooling around, and she is not yet ready, then we need to work harder.

Acid Test

It was perhaps the most unromantic thing to do, but I think your mum loved it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this blog today. Ha, ha.

It was an acid test as well, because, I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I am going to get from her; she might freak out, she might think that this shit is too real and she is not ready for it. But it has to have a certain sense of direction for me, for us, as I can’t see myself just dating and dating, with no end in sight. Somehow, I have the good sense in me to know that a relationship has to develop to something.

Perhaps, I was being selfish, as I don’t want to waste time on a person, who at the end of the day, is just there for the body warmth, which I don’t mind providing. But I would like to have more than body warmth in exchange. I have limited resources and time as well, and I would like to start something with a person, and build a constructive relationship, I can play too, if that is what the other party wants, but ultimately, we all have to pay for the play.

I am predictable

More importantly, I want to be predictable, and make things happen together. I gave your mum a certainty, that we can make things happen. We can concentrate our effort together, and iron out any issues that might cross our path. While we focus on a common goal, and differences has to be attended to. We have to start saving, work out our career direction, get our focus right, and work towards a goal.

I also need to kill whatever ‘competition’ I have that I perhaps didn’t know about. I am committed and with a timeline, I will do whatever it takes to make it with your mum. No matter what, we will make our plan a reality. And we did.


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