Dear Boys,

This is real life story and it happened to your Ah Ku’s friend.

Once upon a time, your Ah Ku’s friend was driving, on his way back from Johore Bahru (JB) to Singapore and he was stuck in a long traffic jam trying to clear the immigration, which is quite a frequent occurrence; then he had make a poop.

  • He was in a traffic jam;
  • There is no toilet nearby;
  • His poop has reached the ‘custom’;

lv-paper-bagThere is no other alternative, he gathered some bags from his car, and put them in an empty Louis Vuitton paper bag, it will do as a makeshift poop bag. He came out of his car, and ran to the bushes by the road side to do his business.

It wasn’t nice to just leave the bag there, so he held the on to the bag and walked back to his car. He didn’t notice trouble approaching, a motorcyclist with his pillion.

The bike zoom past him.

The pillion grabbed his LV paper bag.

And zoom off before he could respond.



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