The Aikido Network- Our Gi

The next time you go to class, bring this to your awareness.

The next time you wear your Gi, think of;

the person who grew the cotton plants for the cloth;

person who harvested the cotton;

person who carried the cotton to the truck;

person who drove the truck transporting the cotton;

person to filled the truck with fuel to transport the cotton;

person who unloading the cotton;

person supervising unloading the cotton;

person who owns the factory that turn the cotton into your Gi;

person who stitch your Gi;

person who check for defects on your Gi;

Think of the person packing your Gi into plastic bags;

Think of the person who stored the plastic bags for your Gi;

person who make sure that your Gi reaches your martial arts shop;

person who opened the martial arts shop;

Think of the person who man the cashier and gave you your GI in exchange for a wad of cash;

person who designed the cash register to hold the cash you exchanged for your Gi;

person who is interested in robbing the cash register of the cash;

person who made the Law to protect us from robbery and thefts;

person being accused of robbery and theft;

Well, I can go on, but I think you get the picture, the next time let’s thing about how the mat we roll on came about.


First published  Jun 14, 2012 11:39 PM

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