Dear Wayne,

I came home last evening and wanted to go for a jog. You decided to tag along and instead of a solo jog, it became a dad/Wayne bonding time.

I set out to walk about 1 hour instead of a jog, since going out with you will not amount to anything more than a brisk walk, so we walked. It was nice to walk and hear you talk. You were babbling about some joke, and it was the best joke a 7 year old could tell his father. There was no fixed route, and rather a random affair, I let you make the choices as to where we should walk so you decided that we should cross Lorong Halus Bridge to go to Lorong Halus Wetland. Okay, so we did and we went to the wetland, which is about 7 plus in the evening.

This was fun, simple child-like fun.

We ended up throwing stones into the pond, listening to the sound of the ‘toom!’ as the stone hit the water, in the cool of the night. There were some long bushes ahead and with the sound of the dogs wailing, I knew there were some wild animals in the long grass. Without any form of protection, we just hung around the area throwing stones; I’m not gung ho to walk into a pack of wild dogs, with my son.

toom!” “toom!” “toom!”

It was a surprisingly nice and therapeutic experience, the entire works of it. picking up the stones, doing the toss, and see the stone hit the water on the far side. And to see my youngest son to that with a child like wonder, joy, and happiness.


It was a very nice way to spend simple quality time, picking up the ‘biggest’ stones to throw into the water, without any care, and worry. Just throw and “toom!” I have to thank you for coming along, as had it been myself, I would have driven myself to jog, and do task oriented stuffs.

This was fun, simple child-like fun. We get so focused growing up, and getting old, we forgot the simple stuffs. This is the simple stuffs, no need money, just time, spending with one another, seeing who can throw the stones the furthest. Of course, you did, I can never throw a stone as far as you, Wayne!


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