Dear Boys,

Sometimes the best things in life lies in the gray area we like to call ‘Benefit of the Doubt’ or for the sake of this discussion, ‘BOTD’.

I’m a Piscean and I believe that there is always a certain level of abstract in everything. You cannot live in an absolute world, and you’ll die stressed trying to get to the bottom of everything, fact is you’ll get to the bottom of your grave sooner than you can get to the bottom of anything!

So to think BOTD is to help us understand the fabric of life, how things interweave in such a complex and mulit-dimensional manner, that there is always more than one way to see the truth to things. If I may loosely quote Einstein puts it ‘Everything is relative.’

So if you’re looking at a matter from one angle, and thinks that that is how the situation should be seen, think again, you might have missed the whole crux of the matter by being too mypoic about being too anal over your angle. BOTD allows you to take a step back and give yourself that mental space to rethink a difficult situation, and that mental space and gap will enable you to re-calibrate your cognitive wheel to spin perhaps counter-clockwise so as to get your eureka moment.

…there is always more than one way to see the truth to things.

BOTD also allows a meaningful relationships with our friends and loved ones. If they are late for an appointment with us, or they did something to hurt us, we will have an explanation of why we are hurt, that will not and never correspond with the explanation from the person/ people who have hurt us. They might not know, they might have done so for other reasons which was never meant to cause you harm or distress. While you may never understand it from their point of view, you can understand it from yours. BOTD gives you your grace to understand and forgive others for their misdeeds.

But it is not an excuse for you to do badly in life. When we are tasked to do something, we must do our best, find out what we can, treat others with integrity and give those who love us our best. Remember, BOTD is an caveat, last resort when you did your black and white, and what is left behind are the gray. neither black, not white, then that is the reasonable Benefit of the Doubt.

While I urge you to chase the truth and find out whatever facts you can about life, based on the evidences you have gathered, please bear in mind, you can never get absolute truth, there will always be a doubt, and there are benefits in the doubt which will allows you to life a happier, more forgiving life.

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