Appropriateness is the key, to be able to use just the right amount of energy to get things done.

Do you slam the door? Not when you are angry, but even during times where you are not angry.

How long does material items last in your hands? Sometimes the way we handle daily things can be an indication to our inner psyche. It may not be deliberate, which compounds our ability to see clearer. How many times did we protest in innocence ‘I didn’t mean to do it!’ when we broke something ‘accidentally’.

A door is a door, if you want to close a door, application of excessive force or not will close it. Of course there are times where the hinges are stiff, so more force is needed. Some hinges are so rusty that applying more force, will only risk injury to ourselves. We need to oil the hinges to make it move-able again.

It may seem like sure a duh! thing to say, well. Sometimes, these minute things slip our mind. We might think that its ‘normal’ because we are ‘rough’ or things break easily because things are ‘delicate’.

Appropriateness is the key, to be able to use just the right amount of energy to get things done. When physical work is needed, do physical work, not like a sissy, neither like a macho man. If needlework is required, get it done with appropriateness. Look at the task and ask what is needed of me to get it done instead of “I will get it done at all cost!”. How often do we harmonize with our daily items like our wallet, pen and even our socks?

To be conscious of appropriateness everyday may seem to be a burden. Why should it become that eventuality? If it becomes a burden, that bearing in mind has become excessive, thus becomes inappropriate as well. Appropriateness in the state of mind, in our psyche, flows into our physical form, and we behave and use material things appropriately.

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